A Discussion With Myself About Offending People

Jan 8, 2021 | 0 comments

What if I offend someone with what I write?

Part of me says screw it, I’m tired of trying to please people and go with the proverbial flow

But another part says it is the right thing to do to not offend people.

And still another part of me says “See, that’s why you’ll never write like you think you want to”

It’s a struggle and yet it isn’t, or at least it shouldn’t be. In a world where anyone can publish anything they want, why shouldn’t I get my views out there. It sure beats keeping them all in my head, right?

But then what if people don’t like my viewpoint? What if people don’t like me because of my viewpoint?

Who? Who exactly are you referring to.

(Uh-oh, it seems that I am now having a conversation with myself)

People. People at work, people at church, people…just people.

But you convince yourself daily that they probably already don’t like you, and go about trying to prove it to yourself on a regular basis.

Yeah, but I don’t want them to know that I think that


Cuz then they either might agree with me or they try to convince me that “that’s not true, we like you”


And I don’t know. What if they don’t.

Your family likes you, in fact they love you

Yes, and I love them

Aww, that’s nice. So why try to get people that don’t really know you like you. Why not just be yourself and let them make up their mind? You worry about people that really don’t have an opinion about you, whether or not they like you? Does that make sense?

Well….no, but…

But what? Who else are you going to be if you can’t be yourself? You spent most of your life trying to be something that you are not and look at all the crap you went through and all the hell you put your family and true friends through, just so you can try to impress people that don’t know you and in the end will not be in your life anyway.

I try….

No you don’t. You worry about what people think about you ALL the time. I know, I’m the one that you are usually talking to about it. Now I’m not saying that you, or we, should go out and write or say stuff to purposefully hurt people. That’s not the kind of person that we have been trying to become


But on the other hand, we are entitled to our opinion. You’ve been trying for years to figure out a way to get it out there, right?


And writing is something that we enjoy doing, even if no one ever reads it, at least it is out of our head. Sometimes doing that, you can see that it really doesn’t make sense what you are thinking, but if someone tells you that looking in from the outside, you get offended. But sometimes you come up with some really good stuff and it actually helps someone when they read it.

If you say so…

Come on, I know you are afraid that someone will think you are feeding your ego. You know that it is good. And if you don’t believe it, I will believe it for you!

But aren’t we….umm…..the same person?

Are we? You would think so.

What is that supposed to mean?

I honestly have no idea, but I know it could have taken a really weird turn right there.
So what are you going to do? Are you going to commit to writing? Are you going to share your views or are you just going to keep wishing that you were doing something about them?

I need to.

Need to what?

I need to share my views, there is too much going on in the world out there for me to be quiet about everything. I know that people say that we should not get involved, that watching the news is depressing and that we’d all be better being ignorant about what is really going on in the world.

Keep going

Stuff bothers me. Ignoring it does not work anymore for me, but neither does getting into a name calling argument with someone that doesn’t agree with me. There has to be a way to get opposing viewpoints on the same page so that we can start seeing other people’s points of view and come to educated answers to some of our problems. I wish there was a place that actually gives both sides of the story, instead of giving one side and telling people that if they don’t agree, that they are stupid. Because that’s what I see and hear every day.

So do it

Do what?

Do what you say you wish there was. Start doing it

How? I wouldn’t even know how or where to start.

Start here, start now.

You make it sound like it is going to be easy

Noooo…we both know that it won’t be easy. But if you would like to see it, don’t you think others would as well?


Come on, you know people would like to stop being ignorant about issues, but they would also like to be in a safe place while they learn and form opinions. Think about the recent election. 70 million people voted for one side and 70 million for the other side, right?


And according to 66.7% of age eligible voters voted, or 2 out of every 3. That means that there are 70 million people that could have voted, but didn’t. And out of that 70 million people, even if only 1% of them thought like you and didn’t vote because they didn’t understand the issues, that is 700,000 people that might be interested in what you want to do.

But that’s not why I didn’t vote…

I know, but that will be for a different blog post. I’m just trying to show you that you are not alone in wanting to be informed on both sides of an argument, instead of being informed on one side, and misinformed on the other side.

I see your point.

Good, so what are you waiting for?

Mostly for you to stop talking. Are you done?

Oh NO!!! I’ve only just begun