Nov 6, 2020 | 0 comments

Here it is.

I’m a Republican. I relate to most of the policies that most Republicans promote.

I’m not a Democrat, I don’t believe in most of what they believe in, but am always trying to keep an open mind if they have a legitimate reason that maybe I should look into something more.

Donald Trump is the president, and he’s promoting Republican policies so in that sense I do support Donald Trump as president of the United States.

I don’t love Donald Trump

I don’t like the way he reacts, or overreacts to things.

My first thought when something happens in America is “Please don’t Tweet, Please don’t Tweet, Please don’t Tweet”.

I’ve talked to a lot of people of several ethnicities who agree that they like his policies and his style of getting things done, but are not big fans of the name calling and attacks that come from him.

But, I don’t believe that he is a racist, or a xenophobe or homophobe or phobaphobe or whatever else they call him without much backup information other than they heard that he said something to someone years ago that indicated that he might or might not feel a certain way about certain subjects. They always say it is a reliable source who is in the know, only to find out later that it was some guy that worked in the basement of the same building that Trump once worked.

For four years, all I hear is how bad of a man that Trump is. Nothing about policies, nothing about a better solution on issues, nothing constructive at all to talk about or debate.

He has been under constant attack from the left from the MINUTE he took office and it has not let up. Unfortunately only a person with such a high opinion of himself could have consistently stayed the course throughout. He does not back down. If the Democrats would stop hating so much and start working with him, they would probably get a lot of their agenda done. Just praise him and he’ll back you. Morals got you down? Doubt it.

But it always came down to we’re right and he is evil.

I was going to go into how I felt every time I heard or saw Obama talk while he was president, but this has nothing to do with him….mostly.

This election has actually gone pretty much the way I figured it would, and please don’t fool yourself in thinking if the roles were reversed, that Biden and the Democrats would not be doing as much if not more than Trump in trying to show that the election was rigged. They would be contesting every state and every ballot, I guarantee it, but the people that are complaining about Trump doing it would be saying that it was being done in the name of Democracy!!

I’ve stayed relatively quiet about politics except to my family and my co-workers who let me rant and rave a little bit every so often, but it is just beyond ridiculous anymore.

Biden was ahead and I saw several people saying that they were so disappointed in this country and the people in it, that the election should have never been this close. That they could not believe that people still support Trump after all he has done.

Shut Up! Just Stop!

What has he done that has been so bad as far as legislation or executive orders are concerned?

Coronavirus? Really? That’s his fault?

When he closed the borders in JANUARY he was called a racist.

When the democrats went out in FEBRUARY and told people that everything was OK, that it was no worse than the flu, that there was nothing to be afraid of…. (Look it up)

But when Trump says something like that he is now a cold-blooded killer? It was a global pandemic, it is going to run its course no matter what we do. I looked up to see if they ever came up with a vaccine for H1N1 virus and apparently they did, it is called the flu shot now! What do you think the new vaccine is going to end up being?

Trump put it on the governors of each state to enact a plan on how to deal with the pandemic based on local criteria. There is no reason to treat it the same in Montana as they had to in New York, so why would a national lockdown be needed? It’s a terrible thing that so many people have died because of this, but I don’t see too many responses that have worked so far.

I’m new to this whole politics thing and that is mostly the reason I have kept my mouth shut, but I’m learning more about it and I really don’t think I can keep quiet about how I feel. I don’t plan on hanging out on Facebook and respond to all those stupid meme’s that both sides throw out there constantly, but I can read and learn and ask questions about things so that I can better understand and know what I’ll need to do to make sure that MY family is taken care of.

Right now, my biggest question is this.

I understand that there is a very good possibility that Joe Biden might be the next president of the United States, so how will that affect me?

If the democrats were able to instill all of their policies that they are talking about, what would life look like for me and my family?

I really cannot see how my life would improve in any way, but maybe I’m wrong. I’d really like to hear from someone that is not a politician explain to me how life with bigger government, higher taxes, and tons of regulations will help me, will help the small business that I work at, or will help the customers that come in to purchase items.

I just don’t see it.

Oh, and here is the challenge, they would have to explain it to me without calling me names or talking down to me.

Just don’t see it.