So it’s 2022

Jan 4, 2022 | 0 comments

1 year ago I wrote a blog post about it being 2021 now.

I just read it again, and it sure feels like not much has changed.

Has it?


Well, we got 2 kittens this year, Ari and Rosie, but that is not what I am thinking about. (Even though they are a lot of fun)

I’m thinking that there are 2 sides in America that just absolutely hate each other still.

But it seems as though the group in between those 2 sides is growing. People seem to be catching on to how the media and politicians exploit us on a daily, no, hourly basis. And yes, that is from both sides!

Everyone is much more tired than they used to be.

Sports is back, but they are more political than ever. My wife asked me if I missed watching sports like I used to, and my honest initial thought was “Meh”. Still like sports (especially hockey), but they just aren’t that important anymore.

I have read more in the past year than I ever did before. Mostly books. Some Fiction, some Non-Fiction. I just really like to read (and listen to) books.

Finished reading through the Bible again on December 31st for the 4th time, then on January 1 I started from the beginning again. Hoping that I will keep getting a better understanding of my faith, of my spiritual side.

I mentioned that everyone seems more tired…I know I seem to be.

So all of this to say…that I’m missing something.

I’ve got a great family, great friends, good job, roof over my head, never felt closer to God than I do these days, but there is something missing.

Been getting some mental nudges telling me that I should start writing again. Not many people know that I started writing a book several years ago called “Green River Road”, but then I started working too many hours again and got away from it. I still have it and read some of it the other day.

You ever want to do something but then find reasons not to? I do that all the time….and I hate it. But I keep doing it anyway.

Same goes for this blog. I planned on writing regularly, but….. I was just about to make an excuse….

Maybe that’s what I am tired of…Excuses!

I hear them all the time, and not just in my own head.

People have been blaming a lot of things on Covid, and while I do know that it is tragic, what is even more tragic is what it is doing to our emotional stability and mental health. It has become, just like sports, way too political and speaking for myself, we need a leader that is going to help us get through this.

But that would take honesty and integrity and along with common sense, seems to be lacking in our so called leaders any more.

Writing…..commitment….no excuses…..

Couldn’t hurt!