Squeaky Wheels and John Lennon

Oct 8, 2020 | 0 comments

I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round….


So Trump tweeted that we shouldn’t fear Covid-19 and the media is very upset about this.


I’ve had Covid-19…and recovered. It was more of an inconvenience than anything else. The only time that I felt fear was when I had to drop my wife off at the hospital because she also had Covid-19, but she was having a hard time breathing!

On the way home, the thought hit me, mostly because of reading articles or watching clips from main stream media where people go into the hospital, but never come out, that I might never see her again.

It was a quick thought, and my response was to pray to God that His will be done, which is what I have learned to do whenever I feel any sense of fear taking over. Fear dissipated and within a couple hours she called and asked me to come pick her up.

Yes, people have died that had contracted this virus. And it is very sad.

But living our lives in constant fear because the media rams this fear down our throats CONSTANTLY is not something that I will do.

I will respect the virus, I will take precautions, I will wear a mask when the place I am going tells me that they want me to. I will sympathize with those that have lost loved ones and support them in any way that I can, BUT we need to continue to live.

I see small businesses dying off on a more frequest basis. Some that had been in business for a very long time but who couldn’t survive all the mandates and rules that the government enforced.

I see new businesses that had just started that have already closed or are struggling tremendously because they can’t bring their clientele into their buildings.

Mental health, which was on the decline as it is, has become even worse during Covid-19. I could be wrong but I believe that many people are not wanting to bother anyone with their personal issues because they know that everyone is struggling with all of this right now. That makes for a very lonely bunch of people living in this world.

Our AA meetings are now mostly online, which to me has become more of a convenience than a necessity. I know of several people that had been working a strong 12 step program who have relapsed recently. People that are willing to go to physical meetings are finding that it is just easier to log in for an hour a few times a week.

I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

We know enough about this virus to know who needs to stay home, who is in serious danger if they contract the disease. Then why are the rest of the people being forced to do the same?

I’m not saying that we should immediately go back to how it was before. But shutting everything down cannot be the answer. Let’s be smart about it, but having some states being completely shut down and others opening back up is affecting more people than you know.

I just wish that we could get some straight answers.

The numbers change depending on whether you are watching CNN vs watching Fox News, or reading Breitbart vs The Guardian. With both sides demanding that their numbers are right and that the other side are idiots.

Can we trust WHO or CDC? It depends on who is sharing their data and on what we “WANT” to believe.

And presenting data means that they have to demonize the other side before they present their “findings”.

Just don’t know and because of that there is a lot of confusion out there which leads to what the MSM want….FEAR.

Franklin Roosevelt famously stated that “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. He was trying to give hope to Americans that were going through The Great Depression. He wasn’t trying to dismiss their feelings, he was trying to reassure people that WE ARE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS, that living in FEAR is not a good thing.

I’m going to take what President Trump said as the same message. That fearing Coronavirus, or Covid-19 or whatever you want to call it is not a productive use of our faculties.

We’ll get through this, I have no doubt.

In this article, Dr Michas wrote

“But, for many of us right now, it isn’t fear that we are feeling: it’s fear’s ugly imposter: anxiety.”

I’m going to keep putting my anxiety into God’s hands, He handles it a lot better than I ever will.

I’m just going to keep trying to live my life as best I can. Be respectful to others, help others whenever I can, take care of my family and know that everything that I have in this world is an absolute blessing.

BUT, I am done with just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round….there are too many of us that feel like we are stuck in the middle without a voice.

Squeaky wheel gets the oil, right?

I guess we all need to get squeaky then!