The God Thing

Nov 6, 2020 | 0 comments

Something I hear regularly from people that want to make change in their lives, but can’t is that they just don’t get that “God Thing”

They are told to pray about it.

They are told to turn it all over to God.

They are told that God can and will make things better, if we just “Let Him”.

Now I personally believe all of these statements and have made these statements to people trying to help. But are they really helpful to someone that is just not sure that God either exists, or believes that God really doesn’t care that much about them to make things better?

I know that when someone forces some belief on me I tend to get real defensive if I don’t understand completely what they are talking about. And it is not just about God. It can be any belief that I might have questions about only to have someone tell me that I need to believe a certain way, only to have someone else tell me that I need to believe a completely different way. It can shut me down on that subject very quickly and then I try to avoid it.

Is that how it is with God for some people?

God means different things to different people. Why else would we have so many religions?

So who is right?

I don’t know to be honest, and I BELIEVE IN GOD!! How confusing is it for someone that doesn’t believe, or someone that wants to believe but doesn’t know where to start?

Then you throw in the whole Trinity thing, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, just to confuse the rest! It can get overwhelming real quick.

Up until the past few years, I believed in God. I believed in Jesus. I just never had a relationship with Him.

I don’t pray well out loud. Go to a get together and someone says “Mark. can you say Grace” and I just want to run out the front door!

But I have learned to pray. I pray every day, but they are personal conversations between me and God. If you want to get to know someone then the best way is to talk to them…..AND to listen to them.

For the longest time I would hear someone say “God spoke to me and told me to ……” and I was like “Huh?!?”

You heard God talk? How can I get him to talk to me too?

It’s like that old joke where the violinist is walking in New York and asks a guy on the street “How do I get to Carnegie Hall”

His response? “Practice, practice, practice”

How do we get good at anything? We practice, right?

So why would it be any different in praying, or meditating, or understanding the Bible?

Personally, I use one of those “Read The Bible In a Year” books. Each day it tells me what to read and I just have made it a part of my daily routine. A part that I just cannot do without.

I am currently on my third time through.

And you know what? The Bible is no longer that big, long, confusingly intimidating book that I once thought it was.

Things jump out at me regularly as A-Ha moments. You know, the “So that’s where that came from” thoughts.

Even Revelation doesn’t scare the crap out of me anymore!

And the most important thing that I’ve learned, and no I cannot recite books and verses like a lot of people do, is that the entire Bible points to one thing. Points to one man.

Jesus Christ.

I still have a lot of questions, but I also have a lot of answers. I no longer fade into the background when people start talking about certain stories from the Bible.

Saying all this, I still completely understand why people just don’t get the God Thing. I didn’t get it for over 50 years.

But I do know that there is peace and serenity to be had from reading and studying the Bible and I am going to continue to explore it and hopefully share a little of what I have been learning.

Just PLEASE don’t ask me to say Grace!!